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Facing The Dangers of Motocross: Useful Protective Gears

Posted by Jafrum on December 14, 2012 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

One of the popular extreme sports today is motocross racing. In spite of the danger face by riders in this kind of game, they accept that it is part of it and they are aware of it. Every sport is something that can make you think and move. You tend to do what you think and often you do the opposite. Sometimes there are just individuals who need to endanger themselves to feel much alive. When you join to some activities, perhaps, you think about winning. However, you do not realize that all you want is the action which can make you happy.

riders should be geared with gears

Each guys care about joining to some sports team. To belong in a group you can learn different things about others. Any sports are known to produce great athletes. It can build someone's character, create leaders and make memorable experiences. It is definitely important for a person to be with other people to know new things. If you are interested to any sports it is necessary that you can talk to someone who has certain background of it. For instance, you want to participate a motorcycle sport event. In this situation, you need to know what are the proper gears and things for you to have. Hence, you must look for a rider who had compete to the same activity.

List of Important Gears

riders should be geared with gears

One of the crucial thing that you must do is to prepare yourself to the action. For beginners, they must acquire various protective things before they can join to the actual action. You definitely need to learn the number one rule of every sportsmen, which is safety first. There are different protective gears that are reachable to many stores today.You can choose the size and brand you want. However, the things you need will vary to the sport that you are joining. For motocross, you can have shoei helmet, youth gloves, jerseys or jackets, youth pant sand men's boots. There are also gears available for women. These come with different designs and colors.


One of the most essential gears that one must have is the shoei helmet. Make sure that the size of this will fit to your head. Look for brands that will provide you quality helmets. You can assure that your head is safe whenever you hit or fall during the competition. Many sports enthusiasts prefer to use this than ordinary type of helmet.

Besides the shoei helmet, you need to provide yourself some gloves that can be use even if the handle gets hot. You will surely hold on to your bike every twist and turns of it. Undeniably, motocross is an extreme sport,wherein some people break some bones. The exhilarating experience,the speed and the aim of winning it are just some of the reasons why most riders love this sport. By this, you can gain a lot of friends because it is not only the adrenaline rush that matters, it is how you made friendships out of it. Every sports can give lots of fun,however, it can also teach you about discipline especially sportsmanship.


Motorcycle Safety Gear Basics: Must Haves For Riding

Posted by Jafrum on November 17, 2012 at 1:30 AM Comments comments (0)

motorcycle gear

Motorcycle riding is an awesome way to get into your destination as fast as you can even you are in your regular speed. It helps you avoid the traffic, maximize the opportunity of having a parking space, and most importantly, it allows you to save money on fuel. However, we cannot disregard the fact that riding your two-wheel drive is risky. Being a rider, you can enjoy all the perks brought by your road buddy, but never forget to stay cautious. Follow the rules of the road, and stay protected as you ride. Even though we do not have control on how events in our lives work out, having reservations for our safety is essential as we need to value our lives as well as the feelings of the people who care about us.

The Department of Transportation(DOT) of USA is implementing strict policy for the use of helmets to all riders in the country. Strengthened by the law, the use of motorcycle gears are important to prevent motorcycle-related fatalities that may put the life of the rider in peril. Unlike other automobiles, motorcycles do not have any protective barrier to spare the rider from the pollution, air, sunlight, and dust which may be harmful to the health. Apart from protecting the life of the rider when unexpected circumstances occur, it also helps the rider be far from health problems caused by the weather.

motorcycle gear

What are the types of gears that you should never forget to wear while riding?


In looking for the right gear,there are lots of considerations a driver must know to ensure comfort. Riders should take not the climate, fit, and material in choosing their gears. Here are the basic safety essentials riders must have in riding.


Helmet: A DOT certified helmet is what you need if you want to get a high quality headgear for yourself.Helmets come in different designs and features you will need in riding. The full-faced one gives the most protection. If you want a flexible headgear that will allow you not to take it off to have a breath of fresh air, the modular ones is your best bet. Helmets like motorcycles also improve as time goes by, today, you can by a helmet with Bluetooth features so you can enjoy listening to music when the road is clear for a ride.

motorcycle gear

Jacket: Not that it gives you a 'cool' air as you ride your bike, tough it is one of its advantages,motorcycle jackets are to protect you from debris and to the wind and dust. Select jackets which are durable and with good fit. You would want a jacket that will flap in the wind as you speed.


Boots: You use your boots in starting the engine and as a personal “brake” when you are slowing down your bike for a stop. Choose one with good spikes and made of high-quality material. Leather boots are worth the investment.


Gloves: Gripping the handlebars does not feel good with your bare hands, the gloves is used to protect your hands as well as to easily maneuver your bike in an easy grip.

Pants: Wearing ordinary pants will make you uncomfortable for a long travel. Motorcycle pants are design to riding so it can protect you from the weather as well as the heat that comes from the engine.



About The Author

Jafrum International Inc is one of the fastest growing motorcycle gear outlet in the USA. The company provides motorcycle apparels and clothing like motorcycle helmets, accessories and motorcycle camera under some popular brands to be use during their competitions. Jafrum's goal focuses on distributing quality gears to ensure safety and success in the race.



Riding Jumpstart: Choosing Gears For A Safe Travel

Posted by Jafrum on November 7, 2012 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Motorcycle jacket

Riding is fun. Many riders would attest that traveling with their two-wheel drive is always a great experience. As a rider, motorcycling must be a hobby that you really enjoy; however, you cannot disregard the fact that in the road, unexpected instances might happen. It is essential for you to understand that riding your big bike need to be safe as well. In order to be protected, choosing the right motorcycle gear is a must have for your protection and fashion. Even-though riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, wearing protective gears will provide you the safety you need as you speed along the way.

Even in choosing the gear to match you needs, you still have the freedom for your own finds. Gears come in long array of materials and designs to fit your personal preferences so better choose for some that will not only provide you with maximum protection, but with good fashion as well. Hit two birds in one stone as you select the right motorcycle gears such as helmet, gloves, boots, jackets, rain gear, and pants to match your lifestyle. Below are few keys in selecting your motorcycle gears for a fun and safe ride:

Motorcycle helmet

Quality Tested: There are plenty of companies selling motorcycle apparels both online and in shopping malls. Make sure to buy in a company that tests their products thoroughly especially in helmets. In the United States there is a strict law for riders to wear helmets certified by the DOT to ensure the quality of helmet as head protection. In other apparels like jackets and rain gears, the seams, zippers, and material must be durable and will stand the weather and wind.

Specialized Gear: The reason that you need to wear motorcycle gear instead of casual wear is because it is specialized for riding your bike. Higher quality of materials are used which is not something you can get in your everyday wear. Some types of gear provides more advanced protection like those worn by moto-cross riders. Today, many motorcycle gear manufacturers continue to improve their products for the benefit of user experience and safety.

Material-Wise: Leather is a popular material associated in motorcycle riding, but it is not only the good choice for a good ride. There also other materials like Nylon, Kevlar, and Mesh. The other three textiles are also great wears and trusted to give warmth and proper ventilation your skin needs as you travel. These also can wick moisture faster and dries easily.

Right Size: Never sacrifice the aesthetic value for comfortability. Make sure that in choosing your gear, you are not only looking on the design. Comfort first is a must since it is not good to control your ride while you are thinking that your helmet might fall or your jacket flaps in the wind. Choosing the right size is very vital in getting the protection you need.

Having the right gears for your ride will not only make you look “in-style” but also can save your life when possible dangers occur. Though we are not asking such event to happen, there is nothing wrong in taking preventive measures. It will not make you less a man if you will take care of your life for your family and loved ones.

Be the best as you enjoy the ride with your bike. Gear it right, and gear it safe!


About the Author:

Jafrum International Inc is one of the fastest growing motorcycle gear outlet in the USA. The company provides motorcycle boots and clothing like motorcycle rain gear,  heated motorcycle clothing accessories and motorcycle camera under some popular brands to be use during their competitions. Jafrum’s goal focuses on distributing quality gears to ensure safety and success in the race.